JTP, as a technical skills provider, recognizes personal information protection as one of its highest-priority corporate responsibilities. To fulfill this obligation, we define its basic policy on personal information security, and all employees comply with this policy to ensure the appropriate handling and protection of personal information.

1. Acquisition, usage and provision of personal information assets

When collecting personal information, JTP explicitly indicates the purpose and scope of information use, and utilize the information only within the scope of purposes agreed to by the persons providing the information. We manage appropriately the use and provision of any personal information we obtain, and ensure that such information is used only for the purpose and in the range of use for which consent has been obtained.

2. Observation of laws and regulations

JTP formulates and observes the personal information protection management system which conforms with the following laws and regulations; “Act concerning Protection of Personal Information”, JIS “JISQ 15001 Requirements on the Management System concerning Personal Information Protection”, Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry “Personal Information Protection Guidelines ” and other regulations regarding personal information protection.

3. Security measures of personal information

JTP establishes internal rules and accountability to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information, and takes appropriate preventive and corrective measures immediately when necessary.

4. Continuous improvements

JTP seeks to continuously improve this Privacy Policy according to audits and re-examinations of the management system.

5. Respect to the right of the individual

JTP respects the right of the individual on personal information and takes rational action according to conventional wisdom and common practice if disclosure, amendment, elimination, denial or provision of usage is requested.

6. Personal Information Consultation Desk

JTP has established a consultation desk to deal appropriately with any complaints or consultations from individuals about the handling of their personal information. Please contact the Personal Information Consultation Desk below.

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