Since 1990, JTP has helped 50+ IT vendors with 200+ products to enter and succeed in Japanese market. JTP offers helpdesk services for B2B/B2C products and services, such as hardware, middleware, security products, and software packages.

JTP Helpdesk Service

Entering the Japanese market with JTP

New offices, product and service localization, recruitment and human resource development, promotion, marketing research, and other expenses all add up quickly when entering a new market.
We can assist you with a small start and test the market to determine budgets and investment strategy.


From level 0 support to assistance by experts

We provide our assistance service at level 0, if you want to start small to understand the Japanese market. We provide a single point of contact for user inquiries, with engineers assigned based on the nature of the inquiries.

The support level can be increased as the market grows. Operators can handle inquiries according to the documents provided (manuals, knowledge bases, and communities), and experts can even analyze logs, carry out reproducibility tests, analyze dumps, and examine the source code on request.

Enhancing support as your business grows

As your business grows, you can increase your service hours and assign more engineers to your company.
Operators might be assigned to answer questions initially, followed by well qualified and specialized engineers.

Service hours of the helpdesk can also be changed quickly from business hours to 24/7 support.


Safe and secure security system

If you wish to outsource your helpdesk, you need to ensure that all the information is secured.
JTP is an ISO 9001-certified company, and its helpdesk adheres to international standards in the usage and management of all business data.
The helpdesk is also protected by a sophisticated security system that includes web security management, internal data leakage protection, and internal fraud prevention.

Company History

Mr. Kazuaki Mori, our founder, established the company in 1987 to provide technical outsourcing services to foreign tech companies trying to get into Japanese market, with the following two objectives:

The first objective was to assist businesses in expanding their operations in Japan.
When corporations tried to enter Japanese market, they faced challenges such as, real estate expenses, in availability of English-speaking engineers, etc.
JTP helped in resolving these issues so that tech companies can focus on developing and selling services / products in the Japanese market at reduced cost.



The second purpose was to introduce new technology and IT solutions to the Japanese market.
The Japanese market was full of only indigenous products with no standardization.
It stifled healthy market competition and restricted Japanese users access to cutting-edge technologies. Mr. Mori felt the importance of an open market for international business community which can help Japan to gain a higher international status.

Introduction of JTP Helpdesk Service

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