We offer one-stop service solutions and a full offering of technical IT support services.

JTP offers outsourcing services to overseas suppliers specializing in medical equipment and analytical instruments to ensure that their business runs smoothly. The one-stop service offering includes onsite maintenance and repairs, as well as a whole array of customer support services. The company’s many years of service as a software solutions provider means it is well equipped to offer a high level of IT services and support in the life sciences sector such as big data management, cloud computing and security.

Our Strengths


Advanced Technological Support

With extensive experience in delivering software solutions, JTP is fully equipped to offer a high level of technoloy support in the life sciences sector.


Rapid Delivering Service Support

JTP offers a comprehensive line up of service within Japan, and can assist in optimizing internal resources.


Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law (PMDL) Compliance

JTP holds licenses for manufacturing, marketing authorization holders and retail/rental equipment such as specially controlled medical devices, as well as handle the maintenance of such devices, and offers services in compliance with the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law (PMDL) in Japan.


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Contact Us/Request Information

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