Providing the essentials required for training such as lesson venues, equipment and training staff

JTP offers product and solution training programs to enterprises entering into the Japanese market. Invest your trust in our 30 years worth of accumulated know-how in effective business training and take full advantage of our training center that is one of the largest in Japan along with our fully bilingual training experts to start a program that will empower your business to accelerate in the Japanese market.

Our Strengths


Expertise in Training

We are experts in business training and have trained vendors in various fields including OS and servers, network, database, virtualization, cloud and ERP products.


Skilled Engineers

Our vendor award-winning bilingual trainers offer you top-of-the-class training programs.


Japan’s largest IT training center

Our IT training centers in Tokyo and Osaka are one of the largest commercial training centers in Japan.


Excellent translation service

Our well-experienced engineers can provide high quality translation service for documents such as product manuals, technical documents and course materials.


Delivering training programs, preparing and cultivating new training staff, promoting training programs, rental lesson venues, localizing course materials.

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Contact Us/Request Information

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