1. Manifestation of the chief executive

JTP Co., Ltd. has developed new business fields in the areas of information, communication and control to conduct business with the world. The information asset that JTP contains grows in this new global business environment. Therefore we recognize information protection as one of our highest-priority corporate responsibilities and manifest all employees understand and comply with this policy.

2. Scope of information asset

The scope of information asset includes computer networks, software assets, electronic data, storage medium, documents, written agreements, know-how, intellectual property which are either controlled by JTP or entrusted from our customers.

3. Framework of risk assessment and management

JTP formulates appropriate method of risk assessment in order to protect what is within the scope described above. We assess the value of the information asset, analyze its risk and take effective countermeasures at the same time enhancing the information security management system such as placing chief administrators. JTP seeks to continuously improve this Information Security Policy by going through periodical audits and management reviews.

4. Security principle

  1. JTP complies with related laws and regulations.
  2. JTP requires all employees to go through a periodic training on information security to bring its necessity to their knowledge.
  3. JTP formulates Business Continuity Plan in order to minimize the impact of a disaster or an emergency security incident.
  4. Any JTP employee who has violated this policy will be given a disciplinary action. Subcontractor workers and temporary staff will also be taken appropriate measures according to the contract.

5. Correspondence to information security incident

Should an information security incident occur, the one who was first to discover shall report the situation immediately to information management supervisor. The cause of the action will be analyzed and preventive measures will be taken.

6. Back up paper

-ISMS Basic Policy

1st April, 2021
JTP Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Yutaka Mori
Established on 1st September, 2007
Revised on 1st April, 2021