1987/10 Established as the first Japanese “Third-Party Maintenance” company provides after-sale services for global high-tech companies entering the Japan market.
1992/04 Opens UNIX Learning Center at headquarters and expands to IT training and education businesses.
1993/11 Forms business partnership with British company ServiceTech in the “Third-Party Maintenance” field.
1994/06 Opens Tokyo Technical Center in Ota-ku, Tokyo.
1994/07 Launches installation and integration services for workstations and PC servers.
1994/11 Field Service Division starts services for chemical analysis equipment.
2003/01 Adds medical device repairing to service menu.
2005/04 Expands service and support beyond Japan to China. Opens China office in Shanghai.
2005/12 Expands service and support beyond Japan to South Korea. Establishes Korean Third Party in Soul.
2006/06 Goes public on June 22, 2006, listed on the JASDAQ.
2006/08 Establishes Japan Third Party of America, Inc in Silicon Valley, U. S.(100% subsidiary aka JTP America)
2007/08 Opens the Ginza Solution Center in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
2008/07 Changes its subsidiary’s trade name “Refurbish Co.,Ltd” to “ITP Sells Co.,Ltd”.
2009/11 Establishes the general Inc. association “International Ethical Hacker Engineer Consortium”.
2009/10 Establishes the “Government Governance initiatives (GGi)”.
2010/02 Opens the “Grand Computing Education Center” at the headquarters.
2010/04 Go public listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ as the Jasdaq Securities Exchange’s merger with the Osaka Securities Exchange.
2011/05 Transfers the headquarters to 4-7-35, Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku of Tokyo.
2012/10 Holds the 25th Anniversary Ceremony at the Imperial Hotel.
2012/10 Releases the world-standard IT skill assessment “GAIT”.
2013/06 Launches the social media curation service “Wayin”.
2013/07 Gets listed on JASDAQ of Tokyo Stock Exchange due to its acquisition of Osaka Securities Exchange.
2014/11 Starts to offer GAIT to ICT Nationally Standardized Test for Students.
2015/01 Lanches the humanoid robot “NAO” and starts and expands to robotics business.
2016/11 Opens JTP Integration Center in Tokyo.
2017/06 Launches the AI service “Third AI” and expands to AI business.
2019/04 Opens Kansai Technical Center in Osaka.
2019/04 Establishes India Delhi Branch in Delhi, India.