Towards the new era.

JTP Co., Ltd. will be renamed to JTP Co., Ltd.

We at JTP, continue to envision the future of our existing, as well as new partners by enabling them with cutting edge technologies.

President & CEO Message

JTP Co., Ltd. (JTP) was founded in 1987 to provide technical services to technology companies aiming to enter into the Japanese market. We offer services that are essential in finding footings in the Japanese market such as technical support, help desk, training and localization so that our clients may concentrate primarily on their product development. Since our foundation, we have provided assistance and support to various companies coming into Japan.

We have provided support to major companies such as Sun Microsystems, SAP and EMC as well as to younger enterprises with cutting edge technologies such as Hortonworks and Pivotal, offering them guidance to success in Japan. If you are a business owner who is looking to extend your business to Japan, or have already entered the Japanese market but are currently facing obstacles, we are here to help you.

Yutaka Mori
President & CEO, JTP Co.,Ltd.

Yutaka Mori President & CEO, Japan Third Party Co.,Ltd.

Yutaka Mori President & CEO, JTP Co.,Ltd.

Message from Scott G. McNealyWe look forward to seeing new challenges that JTP will take on in the future

JTP and I have built a very solid relationship since my time at Sun Microsystems, and I had worked with them for over 20 years before being appointed Chief Executive Advisor. JTP is currently our Premium Sales Partner at Wayin, where I now serve as CEO and they have assisted us in our success in the Japanese market.

In this world where the IT business is undergoing drastic paradigm shifts, JTP and its technical experts are flourishing in the business and constantly taking on new challenges. Based on their rich experience as an outsourcing service provider to foreign companies, JTP has recently stepped out onto the center stage themselves to start developing new businesses of their own. We look forward to seeing new challenges that JTP will take on in the future.

Scott G. McNealy
Chief Executive Advisor Global Business, JTP Co.,Ltd.