JTP assist our customers to improve their satisfaction by introducing digitalized lab systems and Lab Note systems to boost productivity in the lab by working more efficiently and optimizing resources.

JTP offers one-stop outsourcing solutions for instrument servicing and support. Our service offering includes the delivery of analytical instruments, the installation and setting up of instruments in labs, explaining how the instruments work, as well as follow-up services such as maintenance, repairs and a help desk.  We have extensive experience spanning a wide array of manufacturers and product categories, which is why we excel in helping our customers create a more efficient workplace, optimize resources, as well as boost productivity and digitalize labs to improve customer satisfaction.

Extensive experience providing support for analytical instruments

JTP provides following total services for analytical instruments.

  • Gas chromatograph
  • Gas-liquid chromatograph
  • Gas chromatograph mass spectrometers (GCMS)
  • Liquid chromatograph mass spectrometers (LCMS)
  • Thermal analysis instruments
  • Bioanalyzer instruments
  • ICP-MS

Outstanding support services for analytical instruments

Service Offering

Technical Support on Delivery

JTP provides onsite services ranging from installation and setting up, as well as manual explanations and an array of validation and qualification services (such as IQ and OQ).

Maintenance Services

Our onsite maintenance services include periodic and regular inspections of delivered equipment, validation services (qualifications such as OQ, etc.), as well as repairs and replacement of parts.

Help Desk

JTP provides 24 x 7 support services for delivered instruments such as;

  • field reports of equipment failure
  • manage onsite repairs
  • troubleshoot
  • issue compile reports
  • resolve issues remotely

Equipment & Software Localization

JTP has bilingual engineers on staff. We can implement technical training and provide explanations of manuals in English, and can assist our customers in localizing their instruments and software.

Lab Management System

JTP assists our customers in introducing digitalized lab systems and Lab Note systems to boost compliance, optimize operations, and manage documentation and research data.

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Contact Us/Request Information

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