Providing endless robotic business opportunities for vendors by leveraging our diverse capabilities

Artificial intelligence (AI) has led to a dramatic increase in the use of robots, which now extends further than the Internet or the Cloud. In Japan, robots are used not only in IT, but also in a wide range of other industries.

JTP believes that society requires a variety of IT-related services. This is why we’ve been busy researching and testing how to best use robots, for instance in such areas as nursing care as part of a pilot program conducted by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED). We are committed to further promoting the use of robots moving forward.

In addition to selling robots, we offer our customers a wide array of support services for their robotics business endeavors in Japan. Not limited to sales only, our services are diverse and include developing custom applications, promotional and entertainment proposals, training robotics engineers, as well as hardware and software technical support services.

Our Robotics Services


Custom Application Development

We develop custom applications tailored to your robotic needs.


Robotics Business Consulting

We support vendors’ robotics business in Japan by offering client introductions and developing solutions in various situations.


Robot Sales and Rentals

We sell robots to both corporate and individual users as a selling partner. You can also start robotics rental service with us.


Importing & Localization

We can help vendors’ robotics selling by ensuring the importing process (customs, inventory control and inspections) is completed smoothly. We can also localize programming software and manuals.


Technical Support

We offer technical support for robot hardware and software.

Growing opportunities for robots

Driving Traffic to Expo Booths

Driving traffic to trade shows

Human Capital

We offer solutions and support services to attract customers by robots in trade show booths. Robots can show corporate and product introductions, deliver self-intros, dance and give speeches or other performances.

Multilingual Customer Support

Multilingual customer support

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd .

We introduced the humanoid robot NAO, which can handle in-store frontline customer service. At Narita International Airport, with the help of AI, NAO provides multilingual services to foreign visitors.

Participating in Robotic Nurse Pilot Program

Pilot program for nursing care robots

Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)

We use the humanoid robot NAO (MONAMI for Nursing Care) in our pilot program to test the efficiency of communicating robots in nursing care settings. Robots are used to communicate with senior citizens, to support rehabilitation programs, and for ADL training.

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Contact Us/Request Information

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